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COCObox of 5 (French Lavender)

COCObox of 5 (French Lavender)

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Consists of 5 bottles of the following flavours at 250ml each.

Creamy White Latte
Handcrafted from our exclusive Quarantine Blend, expect a perfect harmony of intense caramelly espresso and creamy fresh milk. A perfect, refreshing blend to get your day started.

Pink Salt Chocolate
Made from 40% premium dark chocolate, salted with pink salt crystals from the Himalayas. A tinge of saltiness fused into the classic smooth, rich and creamy chocolate drink.

Midnight Mocha
A gorgeous combination of our house blend espresso with 40% premium dark chocolate. The full-bodied espresso enhanced with the taste of cocoa creates a bittersweet classic coffee drink that always satisfies.

French Lavender Latte
Caramelly espresso infused with real French lavender blossoms, creating a smooth, dreamy brew with subtle floral notes.

Earl Grey Lavender Tea Latte (Tea by TWG)
Made with premium earl grey tea leaves from TWG Tea. Steeped for 18 hours with real lavender blossoms from France for a bold, floral tea blend that is fragrant yet soothing.

*Flavours in bundles are fixed.

Care Information

For bakes:

• Keep refrigerated up to 3 days

• Microwave teacakes for 30 seconds before eating for optimal texture

For brews:

• Shake well before consumption

• Best consumed within 7 days from brew date

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