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ONIBUS COFFEE Step Original Blend (100g)

ONIBUS COFFEE Step Original Blend (100g)

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Exclusively brought to you by Rise from Nakameguro store, limited quantities available.

Tasting notes: Berry, citric, chocolate, creamy mouthfeel

Origin: Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala

This is a signature blend especially for espresso and available only at ONIBUS COFFEE branches in Japan. Blending Kenya Washed, Guatemala Washed and Ethiopia Washed. All coffees in this blend have gone through a high quality full washing process letting you enjoy the complex acidity and sweetness as a filter.

Care Information

For bakes:

• Keep refrigerated up to 3 days

• Microwave teacakes for 30 seconds before eating for optimal texture

For brews:

• Shake well before consumption

• Best consumed within 7 days from brew date

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