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Coffee Nap Roasters Blend 218 (200g)

Coffee Nap Roasters Blend 218 (200g)

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Exclusively brought to you by Rise from Coffee Nap Roasters Yeonnam store, limited quantities available.

Tasting notes: Peach, strawberry, sweet fruity acidity, soft body, honey

Origin: 50% Ethiopia, 50% Ethiopia

218 has sweet scent of flowers with tastes of berries. Its tastes more like tea than coffee.
Through your last sip, you will taste like honey.
You can feel the sweet flower scent and berry fruit, and the last sip that you can enjoy like tea is coffee like honey.

Care Information

For bakes:

• Keep refrigerated up to 3 days

• Microwave teacakes for 30 seconds before eating for optimal texture

For brews:

• Shake well before consumption

• Best consumed within 7 days from brew date

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